Thursday, August 1, 2013

"regular" schedule

How's your bowel habits? Is it on a regular basis? how often do you go, is it everyday or every other day? Actually, it depends on the individual because we all have different lifestyles. Mine happens every morning after my breakfast. And it does not fail, everytime. That's why I call it my "regular schedule".

I am glad I do have them in the morning because it gives me a lighter feeling before I start my day and also because after doing so, I am ready to clean up myself by taking a bath so that, I would not only feel lighter but feel fresher as well. These are the advantages of having them in the morning.

Your lifestyle has a lot to say about this. If coffee is part of your morning meal, then you are likely to have them after drinking it because of the caffeine. Caffeine is a large bowel stimulant that increases the movement of your large bowel. This moves "poop" closer to the "hole in your bottom" which gives you the sensation that a bowel movement is coming on. You can also feel this kind of urgency in the morning after having breakfast. As we all know, eating is part of the digestion process... a process that starts in your mouth and stomach and ends with you going to the bathroom. That is why skipping breakfast is a big no-no for me.

Well, talking about breakfast, are you getting enough fibers in your menu like oatmeal, wheat crackers, whole-grain breads and cereals, vegetables and fruits? These may help you get your bowels back on a regular schedule. Avoid fatty and greasy foods and sugary foods like soda. Drink water instead.

Drinking one glass of water upon waking up is also a good idea. As what I have written in my past blog, water aids in detoxification. You see, while we are asleep, our bodies get a rest from digestion. So they go to work in other areas including eliminating toxins. Drinking water first thing in the morning helps our bodies finish the job and push the toxins out by urinating and helps to move the bowels easily.

Lastly, getting up a little earlier in the morning to get yourself some exercise can be of great help to keep your digestive system moving. Doing simple exercises like biking or even just walking will do a lot of wonders. Not to mention all the other benefits you get from doing it. So why not give it a try? (wink)

If you have all these morning habits I have mentioned, you can surely maintain "regularity".

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