Thursday, August 1, 2013

powder power!

Chicken, egg, shrimp, crab, dried fish, chocolate... these are just a few of my favorite food and I can't even eat them because if I do so, rashes will start to show up on my skin especially on the neck area. Eat it and itch later or skip it and weep later? I'ts a matter of choice really. Which one would you choose?
My rashy situation occurred when I was already an adult. At first I thought it was just an irritation from a hair conditioner that I was using. But then I noticed it was more than that. I had been eating deep fried chicken during that week and the itchy rashes got even worse. It would attack during the early morning hours like a thief in the night the way it would creep through your skin that you wouldn't even know you were scratching it already - even, I think, when you were asleep. I'm not exaggerating here. It's really true!
Instinctively, I thought right away of going to the doctor. I went through the usual and painstaking process of waiting for my turn. When I was just one person away from my "journey," the doctor sort of took a long break and chatted with another doctor, unmindful of the clients who were waiting. Some started to get impatient and to mumble, while I was just sitting there, quietly observing them. At long last, it was my turn. The doctor asked me several questions like what products I was using for my hair, skin and etc... I also told her that the rash got aggravated when I ate fried chicken. She said, "do you really think that you are allergic to certain foods?" I said, "yes, because my allergy worsened when I ate chicken for almost a week." But she strongly believed it had something to do with the toiletries I had been using. So, she prescribed to me her product of lotion that was way out of my budget. A few instructions and done. I never came back. Hahaha!

I went my way to the grocery store and browsed the soap section thoroughly. I found this medicinal soap and read the descriptions. It says there, "useful for acne and other skin problems". Without any doubt, I bought it and used it, of course. After the bath, I poured some baby powder into the neck area where it was most affected. I also stopped eating food with common allergens. I did this kind of regimen for a week and voila, my allergy was gone! It was effective! At least for me hehehe..
I don't mind skipping my fave food and weep later rather than having to eat them and suffer itchiness later. Although sometimes, I crave but I always remind myself: mind over matter, my dear!
After the whole thing, I continued to use baby powder on my neck and other affected areas, even if my allergy had already long gone. Somehow it had become a part of my routine. I may forget to put on my lipstick but never the baby powder.

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