Thursday, August 1, 2013

coffee and me

I've known coffee since I was 5 years old. Not that I was already drinking it at that time but because I was used to seeing my dad making his cup of coffee in the morning. He would tell everybody, "o, painit na!" which means "it's snack time!".

The black-colored liquid being stirred up visually attracted me.. the aroma that suddenly filled the atmosphere caught the attention of my young brain and processed the message: YUMMY.. tempting me to want to sip a little.

They used to tell me it's not good for kids for it could lead to bad performance in school. And not only that. They said it could make one a nervous freak! What else could a youngster feel after hearing those threats but be scared.

I took it seriously that even until I became an adult, coffee never became my favorite. Not until I have tried Starbucks coffee. It was a bitter sweet experience. I loved it! So, that's how it all got started and the rest is history.

I came to a point where I got hooked with coffee.. consuming 2 cups a day and sometimes even more, that my heart went crazy! Palpitation and hyper-acidity made me think twice. What is this, another threat?

That did not stop me from being a coffee enthusiast, though. This time, I am taking it slowly and minimally. For as the saying goes: "Too much of everything is not good".

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