Thursday, August 1, 2013

early morning walk

It is been two years that I have not done my morning walks and I have already grown jelly belly and love handles. This is alarming already! I need to get back to my walking habit.

I love to do brisk walking in the morning because somehow it gives me a feeling of peace and makes me appreciate God's wonderful creations, like the magnificent sunrise, the fresh air, the singing birds and the nice greenery view around me. Most of all, it allows me to spend a quality time with the Creator, thanking Him for everything.

As a voice instructor, it is very helpful for me to have a physical exercise, such as brisk walking, because aside from it being simple and safe, it also helps me to stay strong and fit, which is beneficial in breathing exercises that can be applied in singing.

For me, walking is best to be done in the morning because it helps me get going and gives me the energy to get through the day. It refreshes my mind, body and soul before I go to work.

So, what are you waiting for? Get on with your walking attire and start walking!

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